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Hop in the Metaverse, the NFTs and cryptocurrencies

Metawhat ? Hop on the bandwagon and start your journey into the metaverse and NFTs today.

Hop in the Metaverse, the NFTs and cryptocurrencies

The democratization of web3 has started to disrupt the way many industries interact with their audience, and the gaming industry makes no exception. Web 3.0 allows people to create, own, and share their content broadly through the world wide web. Gamers being early adopters, have already become important stakeholders in this new industry. However, up until today, this involvement has failed to be completely rewarding, with most projects not being totally aware of the codes followed by the gaming, esports, and web3 communities.

In order to thrive in either bear or bull markets, projects need to bring value to the community, while giving back to their stakeholders, in a transparent fashion.

Being crypto-enthusiasts ourselves, we are able to accompany brands through their metaverse and NFTs' journey into crypto. Our services include:

Strategy definition and development

Strategic investment and planning



Digital marketing 

PR and social media 

Community building 

Reporting and analytics 

Influencer marketing strategy and management

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