Influencer Marketing


A multi-lingual, multi-channel marketing agency for modern brands.

Harness the power of influence marketing with a twist, and reach out to Millennials and Gen. Z, altogether part of Generation Twitch.

A multi-lingual, multi-channel marketing agency for modern brands

At The Node, we thrive in supporting brands to tap into the Millenials and Gen Z, digital natives that form today’s and tomorrow’s decision makers in retail. Advertising has changed, forcing brands to shift their focus from conventional, passive, promotions to authentic and inclusive collaborations by harnessing the unstoppable forces that are content creators. ​

Content creators are today’s celebrities, bringing product endorsement to the next level. Their unique combination of authenticity and reliability bridges the gap between brands and their target audience. Gaming & esports influencer marketing turns boring ads into collaborative, inclusive campaigns, and entertainment into a purposeful engagement. Giving companies the tools to reach the right people, at the right time. ​

Connect with highly engaged audiences​

Engagement is key for your campaign’s success, and we know it. Take advantage of our extensive network of creators through Twitch, Youtube, TikTok, Twitter and Instagram to stand out from your competitors.​

4 Reasons to harness the power of influencer marketing​

- Stand as an authentic brand that engages with Millennials and Gen Z, and prepares for Generation Alpha

- Boost brand awareness

- Promote a product/service launch

- Drive qualified traffic to your website


360° influencer marketing solutions

We deliver a complete strategy for your next influencer marketing campaign. Our services include strategy development, influencer sourcing and onboarding, campaign management, and in-depth reporting.

​Our services include: 

  • Twitch livestream campaigns 
  • YouTube campaigns (integration, or dedicated videos)
  • TikTok promotional campaigns
  • Social media gaming influencer campaigns
  • Sourcing, contacting and onboarding reliable industry talents 
  • Brand content: Esports & gaming blogger collaborations 


Team up with the right experts in influencer marketing​

Our team is composed of seasoned experts when it comes to performance marketing. Being gamers (and Millenials) ourselves, we have a deep understanding of the industry and its audience while always striving to discover new trends to stay on top of the game!

As every market is different, we are also pleased to support you with additional services such as paid media campaigns, copywriting for your website, and any marketing-related activities.​

If you are looking for a dedicated YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, or social media influencer marketing agency to bring your campaign to life, get in touch with us today!


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