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Operate your own gaming or esports event

Create mind-boggling live events or online content your fans will remember.

Operate your own gaming or esports event

From media sourcing to online and offline gaming events, we handle a wide spectrum of services that inspire the digital crowd. ​

Whether you are planning on producing a mind-blowing game trailer, ongoing video production, branded content, or an epic esports event to attract thousands of gaming enthusiasts, we got you covered. Ever felt discouraged about creating the perfect gaming event for your brand? We’ll help you put on a show gaming and esports enthusiasts will remember. 

How can we help you?

From qualified gaming blog content to launch parties or live streaming events, we transform brands and the way they interact with customers. In addition to individual projects, various media campaigns and content can be combined with event management to help companies set the overall strategy. Millennials aren't just eager for new experiences, they want to actively engage with the brand at multiple touchpoints. This means that tapping on just one channel is not enough. 


Our agency can help you develop long-term media and event strategies that engage your customers at every step of the way. By developing an exciting top-to-bottom strategy aligned with current trends, we are able to catch the attention of the hardest-to-reach gaming consumers. Get in touch with us to discover new ways to raise awareness, engage and transform through a powerful multi-channel strategy. 

Your one-stop agency for gaming events  

The Node is a hyper-reactive talent agency backed by 10 years of experience across esports and gaming. Fueled by our passion for these industries, we have been witnessing the growth of gaming and esports along with its impact on Millennials and Gen Z with the right strategies. The gaming and esports industries are worth more than cinema and music combined, and we made it our mission to put our customers' brands, products, and websites at the heart of this profitable market. 

Eager to discuss your project, or start a whole strategy from scratch? Get in touch with us today!


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