Empowering brands with gaming and esports consulting services.

Learn how to tap into gaming and esports-related audiences through our tailored services.

Empowering brands with gaming and esports consulting services :

To gain the attention and trust of today's retail buyers and decision-makers, you need to understand what drives them. Bring your brand or products to life through collaborative entertainment with our gaming and esports consulting solutions. Combine digital marketing consulting and strategic development to raise awareness and interest on a global or regional scale.

Gen Z represents 2.5 billion people worldwide and is set to earn 33 trillion USD by 2030

At The Node, we help you understand this huge industry and create exciting opportunities to empower and position your brand as a future-proof actor. By partnering with us, you can connect with this lucrative audience of gamers and social media natives, and reach millions of people.

Boost your reach with our video game consulting services​ :

We strive in providing top-tier consulting and marketing services, while also working with brands and agencies to develop strategies to work with the desired audience.

Our services include :

  • Gaming consulting.
  • Esports consulting.
  • Marketing strategy development.
  • Social media consulting.
  • Strategic investment and planning.
  • Influencer marketing strategy and management.

Our entertainment and gaming consulting services bring your ideas to life through events and promotions to raise awareness and build an online reputation that withstands the challenges of time. Whether you are planning a soft-launch introduction to the gaming world, or need a full-fledged strategy with the most famous influencers, we have a solution for you.

The Node difference​ :

The Node is a hyper-reactive talent agency working with some of the best content creators in Europe backed by 10 years of experience across esports and gaming. We thrive in performance marketing and creating a safe and fruitful environment for brands and content creators to work together.

All clients are unique, and we adapt our services to provide a custom-made solution to each need. New generations induced a change in the way campaigns and advertising are perceived, and we address this change by providing them with experiences they will not forget, making us your one-stop consulting company for your upcoming journey in esports and gaming.

Eager to learn more about us and plan your next campaign ? Get in touch with us now.


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