Campaign Management


Influencer marketing campaigns that deliver

Reach your target audience through custom-made campaigns meant to be authentic, fluid, collaborative, and inclusive.

Influencer marketing campaigns that deliver

We offer a one-stop digital marketing solution for your brand. Ever wanted to promote a new video game, or introduce a new product/service to the gaming audience? We got you covered.

It is our ultimate goal to help you achieve your objectives, whether it is driving traffic, raising awareness, or achieving tremendous engagement with Millennials and Gen Z. Your success for a meaningful campaign will rely on three pillars: the right influencers, the right community, and a brillant PR. Together, we will pave the way towards your success by providing you with reliable campaign management at every step of the way, while making sure your investment is efficiently used. 

Gaming & esports marketing campaign solutions

At The Node, we work with authoritative partners and platforms to get your message seen and heard. Each campaign is thoroughly planned in order for you to cast your message to the right audience, at the right place and time. We are able to support you with your SEO and brand content marketing needs, as well as paid ads, social campaigns, and email marketing. But it doesn’t stop there: we will support you along each phase of the campaign’s process:

Media buying

Strategy, planning, and channel selection

Budget management 

Asset and content creation 

Digital marketing 

PR and social media 

Community building 

Reporting and analytics 


Campaign development that delivers on results

​Are you planning on running the next big Twitch or Youtube gaming campaign? Or perhaps you need guidance to explore performance marketing and pay-per-click ads? We will help you tailor your need, and craft the perfect campaign together. From the definition of your business goals to the development of long-term strategies for your growth, we offer a wide range of services for your campaign management needs.  

As your consultants, we have only one key driver: your success. After having thoroughly determined your business needs, we advise you on gaming and esports campaigns aligned with your goals. Once approved, we work with you to curate the right profiles for the campaign’s launch, and will closely monitor its progress to adapt and improve the model on the go. Campaign improvement is a never-ending journey and we continuously monitor how the gaming and esports audience interacts with you. 

If you want esports and gaming marketing campaigns that deliver on results, get in touch with us to begin your journey.  


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